mission focus: iconz

ICONZ is for kids who want a real life rather than a virtual one. It’s not mamby pamby, it’s fun, action packed for kids who enjoy fun & goofing around.
ICONZ is for self-starters who have a biblical faith.
If you are semi-organised or better, that’s helpful.
Having skills to share with children is not imperative.
If you have a desire to make a difference in the lives of a new generation of kids, then this may be just the thing for you!”
This is part of the “official” ICONZ recruitment blurb.What I want to say about it is that to me, it is actually an invitation to be part of a faith community that is seeking to find new & innovative ways to reach out to the wider ‘not-yet Christian’ community.
With these boys (& now girls - woo hoo!) that have come & gone over the last two years or so we have had well over 40 attend ICONZ & be exposed to Christian values, devotions, men living out their faith. Also, we have met parents/siblings & care-givers for all of these boys. So, conservatively, we must have had significant contact with at least 100 people who would not ‘normally’ have any on-going involvement with Christians or a church. This is no small thing. And the stories of boys who have made Christian commitments & joined the youth group at church are just great.
This is just one of our community ministries—do you know what other ones we are involved with as a church? Are you involved? Would you like to be?I think we can help you find your place!


food bank
golden oldies: monthly seniors sing-a-long
iconz: building kiwi kids into kiwi icons (iconz & xtreme for the boys, ifg for the girls)
young ones & shuffle bumz
youth @ westside: http://www.facebook.com/groups/481940151834312/


jana, central asia

jon & mari slack, central asia

meryl ashworth, south korea


nick & karen klinkenberg, euro-vision