our dream

Of church, but “not as we know it”. Not “same old-same old” but different, radical, on the edge, changing, developing.

Of church, with energy, reality, authenticity, impact. A safe place, a healing place.

A place we could be proud of, we could believe in, we would want to invest our energy in.

A church that has services where we meet God and we are changed. Services we want to invite our friends to because they are fun, relaxed, participatory BUT God turns up and people are touched, ministered to.

A church that is a community, a family. A church where people are cared for, valued, loved, welcomed. A place to belong. Where people feel connected, supported.

A church that touches our community. With teams of people out in the community each week, loving, serving, helping. A church which has community programmes running, where people come to find help and support in their lives. A church where we boldly and gladly announce the good news of Jesus.

A church where people feel alive, growing, developing. Affirmed in all their life: balanced, energised.

our values

  • relaxed/informal: low-key, minimalist in structure, relational, sense of humour
  • real/authentic: honest relationships, depth not hype
  • mission/outward focus: choose to focus outwardly
  • relational/caring: organic networking, don’t use people
  • safe/good processes: healthy relationships; attention to process
  • creative/unorthodox: be willing to take risks; try something different
  • open to the spirit/pentecostal: willingness to be open to the supernatural, explore supernatural dimensions

our organisation

Westside Church is part of ACTS Churches NZ, a contemporary evangelical Pentecostal movement of churches.

The origins of this movement go back to the Welsh revival in 1904 and until 2008 it was called the Apostolic Church of NZ. The movement is led by a National Leadership Team with a National Council.

Westside church is led by pastors with a leadership team and an external supervisor from ACTS Churches NZ.